Life Insurance

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Life Insurance

Are you looking for the best way to protect your loved ones life after your lifetime? You are at the right place, be it single or married person taking the life insurance cover is really important because it can highly help you to protect your loved one’s life after your death any.

Importance Of Life Insurance

Life insurance is the important contact which is offered by the life insurance company; in general, the insurance companies pay a certain amount of money to the beneficiaries either on the maturity or on the death of the insured person. Of course, it is one of the safest ways to get financial protection to the insured family. The life insurance policy is also important to get complete commercial coverage for your family, and policyholders receive a lot of benefits by choosing the best coverage. Even this policy is also perfectly suited for your critical illness as well.

Typically, the insurance company is also determining the premium by the respective holders. Life insurance is a contract is financial coverage, and the payment made to the insurer it is referred to as the premium.

In case the policyholders passed away, then the insurance company will offer a lump sum amount to the nominee. Sometimes the policyholders also receive money with some bonuses.

Benefits Of A Life Insurance Policy

There are different life insurance schemes available which allow people to experience a lot of benefits. When it comes to choosing life insurance policy most of the people experience a lot of difficulties, of course, biggest challenges about Life Insurance is selecting the right type of insurance, “So let our experience Advisors help you in choosing the right life insurance based on your financial needs. So contact us to book an appointment for free Financial review..

Secure Long-Term

Life insurance is considered as a long-term savings product, and the policyholder focuses on long-term returns when compared to any risky investment decisions.

Loan Facility

Individuals who choose the life insurance policies they will have a great chance to get a loan against their insurance policy. Typically, the life insurance policies also serve as the best possible tool to cover loans and mortgages utilized by the policyholder.

Supports For Health

The life insurance cover provides financial cover against hospitalization expenses s well as it can be the practical choice for critical illnesses.

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I am in Dubai for past 30 years and into a business with my partner. I met my adviser about eight years ago when he advised me to take life cover with critical illness benefit to cover my mortgage liability. I decided to go with the plan. Everything was going fine until last year when I had a major heart attack. I went through the surgery and survived.

In my review meeting I informed my advisor about the incident and he reminded me of my plan with critical illness benefit which I had taken to cover my mortgage. I had cleared my mortgage about two years ago and wanted to cancel the plan but On his advice I decided to continued with my plan as he said at my current age I may not get Critical Illness benefits or the cost will be very high. We immediately filled up the claim application for critical illness benefit and give it to the insurance provider.

I had received the full cash amount within two weeks which is actually helped me in my business a lot. I thought about the time when I had listened to his advise and today me and my partner is running a cash rich business which is very helpful in these challenging time.

LM, Dubailand

I came to Dubai when I was 30. After a few years I met my advisor who advised me to have a life cover for me and my wife. After having a discussion we also realized that I should save for my sons education. I decided to go with both the options and worked out a plan to achieve goal amount for my kids education which I will require after 12 years.

This year my plan was matured and I got the maturity amount which helped me to select the best university for my only son.The amount which we had received was a little less than what we had projected because of market fluctuations but when i think if I had not taken this plan on the advice of my consultant then today I had zero amount saved for my kids education. This forceful saving has really helped me today and now I started a retirement plan with him.


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